Wednesday, 23 December 2015

´I am looking for a basement for a night club,´ claimed man with sleeping baby in his hands

We were sitting around the table to learning English - as usually in our English Classes. It was evening around 8 pm and I could feel myself a little bit tired.
There were not very much people cos lot of them left London and went to their original countries for a Christmas.
Our classes are running in a place of previously shop so you can come in to the class room strike from a street. I like this ´open concept´ despite of being sometimes quite annoying - it does usually happen the people walking through the street are curious and just come into to disturbing our classes and asking what is i there actually... - what we are doing here.... And I can see in their faces they are thinking about joining to us - maybe just for the feeling be in an extraordinary space with overseas people (for some of them does ´overseas´ mean La Manche as well) and feeling themselves very special - be in one shop placed in another normal shops but in this is ´selling a language for free´ actually... :-)
I doubt it was the case of yesterday night - but it was interesting as well.
Cos suddenly the door was opened and into the room came in smaller man with sleeping very young baby (my estimate is just a few weeks - max three months old) in his hand and asked us: ´Is the basement for a rent here in this house?´ We all looked at him surprised as a calf at a new painted door.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I survived the Black Friday but it was just a commence of the small hell for me

Fancy Christmas´ windows at Selfridges´.

Having no idea about Christmas tradition in United Kingdom and United States I hardly survived big shock when I could read e-mails coming to my mailbox from Amazon or E-bay and then I founded almost the same message in headlines of newspaper. ´The black Friday is coming!´ 

“Oh my Gosh! What happened the next one, bloody hell,” I wanted cry out in shock immediately when I read this news. My first thinking was linked to the famous ´Black Friday of September 24th in 1869 when became big stock market catastrophe (One of first of them). The stock market was sparked by gold speculators who attempted to corner the gold market. The attempt failed and the gold market collapsed and causing the stock market to plummet. But I have had no idea why already is remembering this case. So maybe the history has been repeated?!!! Oh no! What an absurd mistake in considering…