About me

When I was a little girl I loved story telling and watching, reading or listening fairy tales or true stories. But my journey to the Journalism was not the case of ´one direction´ - how in every fairy tale - the main character has to overcome obstacles - the same journey I absolved as well.
 Sometime the dreams of your parents are more powerful then youre´s ones. But finally I did it and I became to my dreams come to. I graduated in Journalism and worked in newspapers, radio, etc.

My interests are: relationships between people and multicultural dialogue, history, specially an European history and comedy :-) 

Journalism &  Photography & Making docu films
Just before I started my studies at the College of Journalism, focused on TV Journalism and production (writing, editing, photography and film making) I worked in newspapers as a correspondent with a focus on EU and international relationship, history (Holocaust).
I really liked making interviews with an interesting people. So I decided to study this area. Then I worked as an photographer and journalist in an New Agency in Radio service as an editor, in Radio as a host in my show Taking off story what helped to artists to take off and making a better promotion of themselves.
Media training (Journalism, Film making, Photography and PR courses)
Before I reached my Diploma in Journalism and TV production I founded my non-profit organisation: Society for media and mass communication training. So I have large skills in a providing a training in a making a video, photography,
writing and presentation course for children, youth and adult. I started my Creative Storytelling group in London last year. You can try it out my courses as well on www.janelina.com .
PR and Public speaking
Five years I co-worked with a non-profit organisations, government and PR agencies as a PR manager, speak person and spin doctor (as a freelancer).

Some of my projects:



The project what I really like it and I am working on that last six years. It started like an accident and developed to long term project. The story about human hatred and big humanity and braveness. The story what started only about the life story of Jewish people from the German part of former Czechoslovakia and complicated relationships between German, Czech and Jewish people there they started long time before the Nazi became to the power. But day after day slowly my topic changed and now I am just making documentary film about us - the moments there coming first flickers of hatred and devil, and how we can deal today with old Edmund´s Burke wisdom: ´The only thing necessary for the triumph of devil is for good men to do nothing...´ which is still working and I am sure will be working forever...

AT THE BORDER of the Schengen space


An unique Czech-German project about living at the Border line where the Iron Curtain was placed and how the place could bring a freedom with the Schengen space. We captured the situation and relationship between the people from German and Czech part of the border line short time before getting a Shengen space freedom  and seven years after that. How much did it change our lives?