Sunday, 10 September 2017

Princess Diana´s sad 20th anniversary: How people paid respect to her at Kensington Palace

Me and Annie (the poet) made a reportage about 20th anniversary of Princess Diana´s funeral. We went to the Kensington Palace and paid respect to her and took some pictures and made videos - specially for you! 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Don´t miss jazz and poetry on the boat tonight!

Every first Friday in month you can enjoy amazing and relaxing event only 5 minutes far from Kings Cross St. Pancras station in London.
Just enjoy the moments of inspirational music and poet and you can perform as well actually!
The best think is - it is free and for everyone!
More about the event you can find there: 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

“I am painting Picasso Peace dove,” says Twon Dean after paying respect to the London Bridge terror attack´s victims

Young Muslim Woman is fighting against terror armed only with flowers and poetry

Very nice and surprising interview with a young woman who paid the respect to the London Bridge terror attack victims. She didn´t come there officially like other Muslims to show the distance Muslim´s community from terrorist but she came just on her own with flowers and lovely poetry and full of sorrow that someone ´called Muslim´ could commit so horrible stuff and also during the Ramadan - in peaceful time for all Muslims. I was glad to speak with her! It was very moving for me listen to her and sorry that my questions caused she started crying. Journalist sometimes have to ask people even not nice question:-(. But her answer and reaction was very nice and moving for me!

The official ceremony to paying a respect to the victims of the London Bridge attack

People laid flowers to paid their respect to the victims of terror attack:

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why and how did Tina make a stir in Westminster? The story of the labour activist

Tina is a Labour activist and active supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I spent a whole yesterday afternoon with her on her happening in Westminster. The question was: Do we need to have a soldiers on the streets? She does blame Theresa May and Tories of the situation of today. Is your opinion a far cry from Tina´s or you just agree with her? If you would like to speak in the front of camera and be in my next reportage, just let me know - via facebook or on email:
With this lovely video I am launching a series of reportage about upcoming General elections.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Please don´t call me if is raining. Only when is sunny I am on the line... Indeed, I am based in London :-)

Happily managed my fresh washed clothes on the lines at our back yard and started enjoy one day of sun without rain cos weather forecast about next days was being almost continuously raining about. Great idea but big mistake. One hour later while I was working on my laptop I marked a tinny persistent tinny drumming. For first moment I did think it was music from my neighbour - but huge mistake. Then I literally take off from my seat and was running at back yard where was heavily raining. When I collected all clothes from a line I could discovered it was more wet then one hour before.
Great day started...

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Diana: London is as a cruise ship. Don´t waste your time with people you don´t like them

How to survive in London - an amazing interview with experienced adventures Italian woman who owned her own pizza business and as a musician she spent interesting time on the cruise ship. Now is a few years living in London and she does speak about her experiences and is giving to Londoners and newbies some tips for surviving in this big city with people of different countries.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Join to us for FREE video reportage workshop at Hyde Park Speaker´s corner this Sunday

Our last workshop was quite wild cos there were lots of emotions in the Hyde Park Speaker´s corner. But every day here is a different one. Our next reportage will be more quiet and funny. Join to us! :-) 

Would you like to make a natural video for your YouTube Channel or other social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)?
The best ´taking practice´ with your camera is just going out and look around yourself to looking for some small stories, interesting people you can interview.
So this is also about our next - this Sunday - workshop - we are going to Hyde Park to Speaker´s corner - the famous place where everyone is approved to keep free speech. It is the place where the democracy have its roots. So don´t miss it! We will take a pictures, videos, having a chat with people speaking there or we can interview just the people walking across the park or ourselves for taking a practice!

WHEN: April 9, 2017, from 4.00 PM (the end will be around 4.50 - 5.00 pm)
Our meeting point: Hyde Park Speaker´s Corner, the gate next Marble Arch tube exit (Circle line). I will be there with my red coat :-) waiting for you!:-)

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Muslims and Christians in wild debate about terror attack in Westminster - reportage from our video workshop in Hyde Park

Muslims and Christians in wild debate about terror attack in Westminster last Wednesday. We made a reportage in Hyde Park at Speaker´s Corner last Sunday, 4 days after attack. Thanks Shell for helping me with a reportage!:-)

The reportage was made on our last VIDEO REPORTAGE WORKSHOP in Hyde Park last Sunday I have already saved some time to finish editing the video :-O I hope it will be interesting to see people in not necessarily argue... it is quite sad for me to see them. But still happy that place like Hyde Park where is everyone allowed to keep free speeches about everything still exist!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

How you can enjoy the adventures with your camera on the London street? Join to us TODAY for FREE video reportage workshop at Hyde Park

The best ´taking practice´ with your camera (don´t matter you are taking pictures or making videos) is just going out and look around yourself to looking for some small stories, interesting people you can interview.
So this is also about our next - TODAY - workshop - we are going to Hyde Park to Speaker´s corner - the famous place where everyone is approved to keep free speech. It is the place where the democracy have its roots. So don´t miss it! We will take a pictures, videos, having a chat with people speaking there or we can interview just the people walking across the park or ourselves for taking a practice!

WHEN: TODAY, from 4.00 PM (the end will be around 4.50 - 5.00 pm)
Our meeting point: Hyde Park Speaker´s Corner, the gate next Marble Arch tube exit (Circle line). I will be there with my red coat :-) waiting for you!:-)

Friday, 24 March 2017

The day after terror attack in Westminster. What do the Londoners think and feel? Still drinking tea as usually?

I have set off to the Westminster this Thursday (23th of March 2017) -  one day after terror attack there. What do the Londoners thinks? What do they feel? Is always keeping famous British claim ´drinking tea is solution for everything´  still  ´in the game´?
Watch my videos and SUBSCRIBE ME to be in with my reportage from London! 

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Comedy Horn: How Stand up Comedy can make up your life?

How and why host and presenter Colleen started with this event and why stand up Comedians were falling in love with Stand up comedy you can watch in this video. Enjoy your time with Colleen, Amir, William, Steve and others in this reportage. 
Every third Thursday in a month you can enjoy great East End comedy night in The Horn of Plenty pub and do your gig as well. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Edmund and his Stand up gig´s strategy: Impress women only in 5 minutes? Impossible!

Short reportage about Edmund West Stand up gig at the Horn Comedy what I recorded day before yesterday. Event host Colleen Campbell and Stand up Comedian Lee Patey also speaking in this video. 

More about my London Telly project you can find out:

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The mystery of the ´Over the Shoulder Shot´

Frequently used in films and TV series in the interview of two people. Indeed  – we speak about OSS which is short code for ´Over the Shoulder Shot´.
This shot is about we cannot see the person who ´someones´ is already talking to. We just can guess who is it. But only for a moment. Then the shot change its and we can see the other person. So why we use it? So should be said it is pretty nice compromise – when we need to have both people in one shot but concentrate just only on one of them. Obviously this shot of one person with a ´second – quite hidden person´is changes for the ´same shot´ – OSS but with the other person – previously hidden in OSS shot.
So just remember – in your screenplay the short code OSS does mean = We cannot see the second person, only part of it – usually ´the shoulder´ or piece of head, etc.
You can see that in your favourite film or TV series. Take small practice and notice them!

This is the classic one – one person is on shot with full faces – detail or (more usually) medium shot.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Is it or isn´t it a Bird angle? How to work with a different angles of the camera

Sometimes is everything about filming rules just a matter of the ´Point of view´. Let me show you some examples and tips:


Always it is about - who is the main actor in our shot - for example here... if will be on the left hand side standing actress, then it is about classical ´low angle´. We held the camera on the level of our waist. If is for us the main person on this picture the working cameraman, then our angle of camera is on the edge ´an eye angle´ with ´a bird angle´.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Video storytelling workshop at London Bridge and teaser for an interview with young Irish singer Imralis

If do you have any questions or you would like to make a RSVP for out next FREE workshop - just mail me on: or do RSVP on our Meetup group: (search for event FREE video or reportage workshop ) :-)
You can join me on Facebook and send a message as well or put the question in our FB group: 

More about our project LONDON StoryTelly and our courses you can find here:

Have a great creative time! :-)

Saturday, 25 February 2017

How a different angle of camera can change an atmosphere of your pictures and videos

The camera angles are the next tools how you can work with your pictures and scenes – and how you can change the atmosphere of them! There are some tips and tricks they are commonly used in films and photography:


This is standard camera angle. We can see the scenes from our point of view – it is a neutral one.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

We got a great interview with a gifted young musician at bank side - some quick gossip from our workshop

London Bridge - Workshop: Reportage with artist

On our FREE Street Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop at London Bridge we made a short interview with surprising young musician and singer Imralis who moved down the town (London) from Cork. He has been basking almost every day and he has got some his fans.
About his music and how he started up to scratch you can hear in the reportage issued by this Saturday!
Thanks for coming guys - please for another photo from workshop just click on the picture above (it is linked from my flicker where is more pictures where you can enjoy the atmosphere).

JOIN TO US AND START YOUR amazing experience!

Our next free workshop will be held on the same place - London Bridge (in the front of Tate) on Sunday, March 12, 2017 in 4.00 pm, if you are interested please for RSVP on Free London Events  or write me on email: and if you are interested join our crew and learn more about making a reportage (as a cameraman, reporter, sound master, production or director assistant, etc.) please fill in this form: 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

FREE Street Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop at London Bridge TODAY

Are you free today afternoon? Let join to us and be creative on the London Bridge - bank side! 
We will meet in the front of entrance the Tate Modern at 3.15 pm and then we will continue along the bank side to make a reportage video with artists . I will be wearing the red coat.
You need just take with you your mobile or camera (! fully charged!)
If you are really crazy about the taking pictures and making videos and you are free this afternoon you are welcome on our meetup!

Improve your self promo on the social sites! 
Just take your mobile or camera and we will take some basic lessons about the street photo and video and how you can make a short reportage for your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) - just for you and your friends and even for your e-marketin and self promotion.  
We will make a short reportage between 3.15 and 4.00 pm and also we will be having a chat and me and the others attendant of our meetup will be happy to discuss your project or intention if you want. 
More about the project:   
You can also join to us Facebook Group: 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How picture can tell a story by a different size of picture: It is easy trick to learn

Let´s go to tell a story by pictures and amazing takes! How you can tell a story by a few pictures (in photography) and in takes (in video). This is more concentrated on taking pictures but just only cos for camera are working the same rules. Just only we will add the move (about moving camera we will speak later). But if you will just take a few seconds of every of this pictures with your video, then you can have a great video! It is a bit more difficult then ´ only ´ taking pictures cos we have to be careful about calming down move of our camera.
There are some similar rules for video and photography / and it is about a size of shots (medium shot, full shot, etc.) what I promised to write about last Saturday:
Long Shot

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

FREE Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop tomorrow in Greenwitch - don`t miss it!

Are you free tomorrow afternoon? Let join to us and be creative at the National Maritime Museum in London Greenwich!
WHEN: 4.00pm, 15th of February 2017 
You need just take with you your mobile or camera (! fully charged!)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Basic Rules of making a VIDEO reportage for your social sites

There are some tips for you to making a short video or photo more interesting: 

After you chose main topic and scene of your video or pictures, then you can start.

  1. The begining and the end of your take: Before you start recording your video just quickly think of the the beginning and end of your take. Where you will start to filming (the building, entrance or something else? And what about then, obviously you can just stay and spot on one point and wait but usually your video need an action. So then you can start to move your camera. What we would like to see? Full scene? Or concentrate - make a zoom - on some person or group of people? And then... Where we are going to finish our take / video? Don`t finish your video just only without reson and specially in the middle of move. Not only move of your camera but also move of the object you are filming - people, animals, ... Just wait and leave them finish what they are doing. If you interrupt a move and action before finish that then your audience / viewers get lots of questions why happened with you to finishing a video so soon. People do like when can see a end (specially the happy end) and it is the same with a video / even it is only for social sites use.
  2. Takes make a scene and scenes make a film.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to make a REPORTAGE to improve your photo and video

Stephan (on the right) is making an interview. Photo made by Noe

The best way how you can tell a story about an event or some situation is always REPORTAGE.
The REPORTAGE is always used by journalist for telling a news and story thoroughly – it is more personal then ordinary news and other journalist genres could be.
People usually think that is not easy to learn ´art of reportage´ and is really need to be qualified for that.
Of course – making a good reportage is not easy for beginners but if you will follow some easy, basic and logic rules then you can learn to make a professional looking reportage so quickly as you are willing and able to learn that.


You can write it, make a video or take a pictures – and actually if you are aspirating on radio journalist position, you can make also a sound reportage.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Winter lights beamed London and my soul despite definitely not being an Angel

Winter Lights Festival in London 2017

Lighting´s Angels, Flowers or flickering columns - these and many more attractions wait for Londoners and tourists every year at the same time. WINTER LIGHTS festival at attractive location, which Canary Wharf without question surely is, where artists can works with light effects, water and other ´ingredients´ and made a great exposition - this is one of many other reasons why you are sure going to fall in love with this amazing city.
Many times in January I said myself - it is so pity that between Christmas and Valentine´s Day is almost nothing interesting waiting for us (o.k. - I don´t count my Birthday came on this time and spectacular celebration of Chinese New Year). After 6 of January usually all Christmas decorations and lights are taken out and we suddenly get in stuck in the middle of grey, cold times.
But it was before I came to London and had discovered this amazing event. These lights beamed not only London but even my soul. I feel right now and get more creative mind.
And all that despite of I get cold there and for first 45 minutes I cannot find my friend who was waiting for me in the front of the Jubilee Park (Yes, I have to confirm, I was not able to identify where Jubilee park is - after years spend in London and notwithstanding a circumstances I was at Canary Wharf a few times before... This is about my sense for get direction and this is other question :-). ).

Friday, 20 January 2017

How to (not) make a selfie: Complex of professionals

Taking your picture - making selfie. Usually it is very easy thing. You only grab your mobile (most of people take a pictures of their mobile phone), looking at the screen of that quickly checking your outfit and expression on your face, then just smile or make the expression what you would like to have there and push the right ´button´ on your camera. That´ it and than you can download that immediately in a real time on your social site and share with other people where you are and what are you doing.
This is usual. But there are some pitfalls when you are an professional in photography or filming. Then you can feel - it is not enough. Of course. Do you know - it could be better (and better and better)... It was problem of me and Stephan. Instead just take a quick selfie by camera on mobile, we decided it is not the right way so we started to complicate that....
  1. We decided to use DSLR camera (but cos we usually use it for taking pictures of others not us, we have forged where the timer for selfie is - so cos we cannot manage it, we started to record a video - this video - with intent to create the pictures from this video in editing program in post production)
  2. The dark of darkness: o.k. - now the recording of video was running. But in that case we couldnot use the flash. And we needed that - cos some part of our faces plunges to darkness and created strange shadows. So Stephan run for a light on camera. Then it was gracious.