Saturday, 28 January 2017

Winter lights beamed London and my soul despite definitely not being an Angel

Winter Lights Festival in London 2017

Lighting´s Angels, Flowers or flickering columns - these and many more attractions wait for Londoners and tourists every year at the same time. WINTER LIGHTS festival at attractive location, which Canary Wharf without question surely is, where artists can works with light effects, water and other ´ingredients´ and made a great exposition - this is one of many other reasons why you are sure going to fall in love with this amazing city.
Many times in January I said myself - it is so pity that between Christmas and Valentine´s Day is almost nothing interesting waiting for us (o.k. - I don´t count my Birthday came on this time and spectacular celebration of Chinese New Year). After 6 of January usually all Christmas decorations and lights are taken out and we suddenly get in stuck in the middle of grey, cold times.
But it was before I came to London and had discovered this amazing event. These lights beamed not only London but even my soul. I feel right now and get more creative mind.
And all that despite of I get cold there and for first 45 minutes I cannot find my friend who was waiting for me in the front of the Jubilee Park (Yes, I have to confirm, I was not able to identify where Jubilee park is - after years spend in London and notwithstanding a circumstances I was at Canary Wharf a few times before... This is about my sense for get direction and this is other question :-). ).

Friday, 20 January 2017

How to (not) make a selfie: Complex of professionals

Taking your picture - making selfie. Usually it is very easy thing. You only grab your mobile (most of people take a pictures of their mobile phone), looking at the screen of that quickly checking your outfit and expression on your face, then just smile or make the expression what you would like to have there and push the right ´button´ on your camera. That´ it and than you can download that immediately in a real time on your social site and share with other people where you are and what are you doing.
This is usual. But there are some pitfalls when you are an professional in photography or filming. Then you can feel - it is not enough. Of course. Do you know - it could be better (and better and better)... It was problem of me and Stephan. Instead just take a quick selfie by camera on mobile, we decided it is not the right way so we started to complicate that....
  1. We decided to use DSLR camera (but cos we usually use it for taking pictures of others not us, we have forged where the timer for selfie is - so cos we cannot manage it, we started to record a video - this video - with intent to create the pictures from this video in editing program in post production)
  2. The dark of darkness: o.k. - now the recording of video was running. But in that case we couldnot use the flash. And we needed that - cos some part of our faces plunges to darkness and created strange shadows. So Stephan run for a light on camera. Then it was gracious.