Sunday, 26 February 2017

Video storytelling workshop at London Bridge and teaser for an interview with young Irish singer Imralis

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

How a different angle of camera can change an atmosphere of your pictures and videos

The camera angles are the next tools how you can work with your pictures and scenes – and how you can change the atmosphere of them! There are some tips and tricks they are commonly used in films and photography:


This is standard camera angle. We can see the scenes from our point of view – it is a neutral one.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

We got a great interview with a gifted young musician at bank side - some quick gossip from our workshop

London Bridge - Workshop: Reportage with artist

On our FREE Street Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop at London Bridge we made a short interview with surprising young musician and singer Imralis who moved down the town (London) from Cork. He has been basking almost every day and he has got some his fans.
About his music and how he started up to scratch you can hear in the reportage issued by this Saturday!
Thanks for coming guys - please for another photo from workshop just click on the picture above (it is linked from my flicker where is more pictures where you can enjoy the atmosphere).

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

FREE Street Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop at London Bridge TODAY

Are you free today afternoon? Let join to us and be creative on the London Bridge - bank side! 
We will meet in the front of entrance the Tate Modern at 3.15 pm and then we will continue along the bank side to make a reportage video with artists . I will be wearing the red coat.
You need just take with you your mobile or camera (! fully charged!)
If you are really crazy about the taking pictures and making videos and you are free this afternoon you are welcome on our meetup!

Improve your self promo on the social sites! 
Just take your mobile or camera and we will take some basic lessons about the street photo and video and how you can make a short reportage for your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) - just for you and your friends and even for your e-marketin and self promotion.  
We will make a short reportage between 3.15 and 4.00 pm and also we will be having a chat and me and the others attendant of our meetup will be happy to discuss your project or intention if you want. 
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

How picture can tell a story by a different size of picture: It is easy trick to learn

Let´s go to tell a story by pictures and amazing takes! How you can tell a story by a few pictures (in photography) and in takes (in video). This is more concentrated on taking pictures but just only cos for camera are working the same rules. Just only we will add the move (about moving camera we will speak later). But if you will just take a few seconds of every of this pictures with your video, then you can have a great video! It is a bit more difficult then ´ only ´ taking pictures cos we have to be careful about calming down move of our camera.
There are some similar rules for video and photography / and it is about a size of shots (medium shot, full shot, etc.) what I promised to write about last Saturday:
Long Shot

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

FREE Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop tomorrow in Greenwitch - don`t miss it!

Are you free tomorrow afternoon? Let join to us and be creative at the National Maritime Museum in London Greenwich!
WHEN: 4.00pm, 15th of February 2017 
You need just take with you your mobile or camera (! fully charged!)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Basic Rules of making a VIDEO reportage for your social sites

There are some tips for you to making a short video or photo more interesting: 

After you chose main topic and scene of your video or pictures, then you can start.

  1. The begining and the end of your take: Before you start recording your video just quickly think of the the beginning and end of your take. Where you will start to filming (the building, entrance or something else? And what about then, obviously you can just stay and spot on one point and wait but usually your video need an action. So then you can start to move your camera. What we would like to see? Full scene? Or concentrate - make a zoom - on some person or group of people? And then... Where we are going to finish our take / video? Don`t finish your video just only without reson and specially in the middle of move. Not only move of your camera but also move of the object you are filming - people, animals, ... Just wait and leave them finish what they are doing. If you interrupt a move and action before finish that then your audience / viewers get lots of questions why happened with you to finishing a video so soon. People do like when can see a end (specially the happy end) and it is the same with a video / even it is only for social sites use.
  2. Takes make a scene and scenes make a film.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to make a REPORTAGE to improve your photo and video

Stephan (on the right) is making an interview. Photo made by Noe

The best way how you can tell a story about an event or some situation is always REPORTAGE.
The REPORTAGE is always used by journalist for telling a news and story thoroughly – it is more personal then ordinary news and other journalist genres could be.
People usually think that is not easy to learn ´art of reportage´ and is really need to be qualified for that.
Of course – making a good reportage is not easy for beginners but if you will follow some easy, basic and logic rules then you can learn to make a professional looking reportage so quickly as you are willing and able to learn that.


You can write it, make a video or take a pictures – and actually if you are aspirating on radio journalist position, you can make also a sound reportage.