Friday, 29 January 2016

Why I am in Paris if I don´t speak French? Were you born in West or East Berlin? Oh… Everything is possible with Mungo Lingo…. ME IN PARIS: part 3

Amazing Mexicans people here!  Thank you for advices! Photo by Anais Peria
„You don´t speak French?“ asked me surprised with amused expression in his face one guy at Mundo Lingo Paris. There was following a short discussion why I am in Paris if I don´t speak French. As usually I was at Mundo Lingo – but it was not every monday evening and it was not in London where I am almost always last more then half year one of ambassadors of Mundo Lingo. Actually it was Thursday and it was in Paris.
One thing what I do really like at this Language Exchange is meeting new people, speak with them, discovering new stories and obviously making up my English and refreshing my German. These were my goals for Mundo Lingo London.
When I planed my trip to Paris it was almost at the same time when Mundo Lingo Paris was launched by energic student Anais Peria. Immediately occured me it will be amazing visit this event during my visit in Paris. I was really curious if it will be almost same like in London.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How Montmartre saved me before ooohhh and aaahhh - sexual adventures and mental suffering.... ME IN PARIS: part 2

"You need pay for a hotel," surprised me receptionist - cultivated older man wearing intelectual glasses. He looked more like staff of library (one was near to my hotel - Library of Francois Villon what I discovered on my way to the Lidl - yes - Lidl is there... Lidl is in Germany, London, Czech Republic... and in Paris... Lidl is everywhere...) then receptionist of small hotel at the periferie (actually it was not periferie - just a fifteen minutes by walk from Square Republique.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Big ´Birds drama ´. Why Hitchckock did not make the Birds in France? ME IN PARIS 1 part

I couldnot believe Alfred Hitchckock didnot write the drama ´Birds´ in Paris!
It was very cold and freezing. Since I got out of the train from London at Paris Gare du Nord I couldnot get me warm. It was quite early for check-in in the hotel so I decided go somewhere. But it was my first time in Paris and I had no very much time to make some plan for Paris.
Actualy - I had amazing plan for Paris a few month ago but how it is sometimes with planes - it changes. And I was just here without plan.
I wanted to see Mona Lisa actually. So I have gone to the tube - metro. After lovely moments when I realized I was not in rose tube line but in purple line - so this is probably reason I was going absolutely ´nowhere´, I fixed myself and changed the tube for the right line. Finally I discovered I am at the good stop where is Louvre.

Monday, 18 January 2016

“Stop be like Cinderella,” sharply warned me mother a day before my Birthday. “It is dangerous!” Kissing Cinderella

Picture by Disney Cinderella 2015
As a little girl I had an excellent auntie what I appreciated and admired very much. I wished to be like her one day. She was a sister of my grandfather from my father side. She was brave and kind. Her name was Cinderella.
She was always a pretty and clever lady with excellent manners and she founded her big love what was her husband the director of brewery and his surname was Cinders (translated from my language) so after their wedding nobody call her otherwise then Cinderella. She have had an amazing and very fitting name – in my language is Liba (translated to English does mean ´kissing´). So how you can see... my auntie.. ´Kissing Cinderella´ was very... full of inspiration! :-).
She looked after him and their children, was very active and passionate and has ´never gave up´ - positive approach to the life. After her husband death she continued with her work and started be independent accountant to earn money for travelling across the word just alone. She wore chick bonnets and always when she arrived from some far placed destination, including Egypt, India, South America, etc. came in to us and told us lot of amazing stories and her adventures. I liked her and I wanted be like her. My family is very conservative and she was absolutely opposite. She was really how it is wrote down in screenplay of fairytale fiction film Cinderella – she was really kind and brave. My mum is still suffering I has got her spirit. My mum is whole life living in the same town – and actually in the same street – living and working as well (she is an teacher and the school is next door of my parents house). She is worried about me lot of. I am sometimes travelling as well (and last time moved to the London...).

Monday, 11 January 2016

This year does not exist for me: 2016 makes me ´time gap!´

Photo by Janelina
Every year I need a few days for accustomed to writing down new date - year. Sometimes I make lot of mistake and if I have to write down that cos I write right day and month but wrong year. But this year is really special and a little bit creepy or me.
Yesterday I have spoken with my mother and I wanted to say her what I will be doing in February and I just said that I will do it February 2th 2015. She did answer: “ I don´t think so... It has done..” My mum is very accurate in expression – as every teacher. So I wanted repair myself and I said: “Of course mum just it is not need to kidding me with that. Do you know very well I wanted say February 2th 2017!”
Mum started to laugh. I did not realized why. Then I recognized my mistake and I repaired myself again and I said AGAIN 2015 and then repair to 2017...
For some reason is my subconsciousness perhaps against this year - 2016. Maybe cos Monkey´s Chinese year is coming. It looks like ´monkey´s joke´.
So it seems to be living in a ´time gap´ for me this year... :-).
PS: Just short notice: I have already written the headline of this post and I automatically wrote 2017 instead 2016. So has done;-).

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

"My daughter does not have a daddy," she told me and I lost my bet. But I hope one day I can win

"Do you remember on our discusion three years ago when I was pregnant and you told me that my exfriend become to me and our daughter and show his interest about her minimal within 2 years? So you has been wrong - really is a pitty we couldnot bet how did you suggested - you should lost!´
With smile on my lips I have opened e-mail from one friend of mine. She has been a former investigative journalist - very good, gifted, professional, beautiful and highly inteligent woman. We studied Journalism together and we were having a lots of fun and we used to get to meet together after finish our studium. But three years ago we met for the last time. She was pregnant with her friend (but not boy friend) - he was her ´best friend´. But when she told to him that she is pregnant he answore her he wont this child and recomended abortion to her. She become be very angry and stopped speak with him and stayed pregnant. And she clamed her daughter has NO father and she refused to say WHO is father of her daughter to her doctor and write down to the Birth certificate his name.